Friday, March 7, 2008

5000 Nomad 2s around the world

We were startled to realize a few months ago that we were coming up on out 5000th Nomad 2 data logger. Naturally this called for a celebration. It was our good fortune that #5000 was sold to long time Second Wind customer Henry duPont of Lorax Energy. We had a custom Nomad cake and some champagne. Henry and his associate Deb Pasternak were on hand to accept their logger from Second Wind President Walter Sass and share some cake. Henry told us #5000 will be installed on a ranch in Texas in anticipation of a 50MW wind project. One of the things we enjoy about working with Lorax is that they do some cool projects. They do some innovative things with renewable energy and brownfields, as well as community wind projects. Thank you, Lorax and the owners of the other 4,999 Nomads 2s out there. I wonder when we'll hit 10,000?

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