Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Customer Hall of Shame

We love our customers, we really do! At Second Wind, working with our customers is generally one of the benefits of the job. But sometimes...our affection is sorely tried. Recently we received a Nomad 2 data logger back for repair and it was infested with a agitated colony of ants, ant parts, and extra gross maggoty pupae! The ants came in through the openings for cables at the bottom part of the Nomad 2 enclosure. We actually offer these neat cable grips (part #380) that would prevent the problem, but whatever - please don't send us bugs! We have bugs of our own, thank you, and don't need any more.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Green Porn...

and, no, we're not talking about the new Isabella Rosellini movie. This week in the Boston Globe in the business section there was a feature-ette on personal renewable energy devices. It touted something called a "HYmini" which captures wind energy while you walk, run, or bike. This, of course, is a completely silly product and has little or nothing to do with "going green". I was hoping Walter Sass would write this blog entry, but he was so disgusted that all he could scrawl was "This is green porn. I'm sorry, if you can't figure out that it's incredibly more efficient to hook a generator up to the drivetrain of a bicycle than is to put a little windmill on your handlebars, you shouldn't be writing little energy pieces for the Globe." Remember, kids, this energy isn't free - you have to pedal that much harder. As far as I know, the first law of thermodynamics is still in effect, although, as Walter said, "with this Supreme Court, you never know".

The discussion inevitably continued to the idea of harnessing the energy of children to provide energy for the home. There are many anecdotes about parents who only allowed the TV to operate when powered by energetically pedalling children. Go green, Mom and Dad!